About us

The European Accordion Federation is a voluntary union of associations whose purpose is to promote accordion / harmonica music in the territory of the countries where they are located.

Scope of the association:

  • Preservation, care and dissemination of music and playing music together with the accordion or harmonica instruments in all forms and styles at the European level.
  • Special emphasis is on making music in accordion orchestras and ensembles, also together with other instruments, as well as chamber music with accordion.
  • Musical youth and adult education in cooperation with international educational institutions, professional associations and institutions.
  • Supporting musical and music theory events related to accordion / harmonica instruments.
  • Research in the subject area from traditional European folk music to contemporary music.
  • With its work the association also wants to serve the understanding among the peoples.
  • The association is politically and confessionally neutral.

Member Associations:

  • Harmonikaverband Österreichs (HVÖ) – [Austria]
  • Czech Accordionsts – Association – [Czech Republic]
  • Suomen Harmonikkaliitto r. y. – [Finland]
  • Deutscher Harmonika-Verband (DHV) – [Germany]
  • Akkordeon Schweiz – Eidgenössischer Harmonika- und Akkordeon-Musikverband (EHAMV) – [Switzerland]